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High Prevalence of Peripheral Arterial Disease in HIV-Infected Persons

Clinical Infectious Diseases  1 Mar 2008  V.46  N.5  p.761–767

Daniel Periard,1 Matthias Cavassini,2 Patrick Taffé,3 Melanie Chevalley,1 Laurence Senn,2 Caroline Chapuis-Taillard,2 Serge de Vallière,2 Daniel Hayoz,1,4 and
Philip E. Tarr,2,a for the Swiss HIV Cohort Studyb

1Angiology and 2Infectious Diseases Services, University Hospital, and 3Swiss HIV Cohort Study Data Center, Lausanne, and 4Hôpital Cantonal, Fribourg, Switzerland


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Colonization, Fomites, and Virulence: Rethinking the Pathogenesis of Community-Associated Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Infection

Clinical Infectious Diseases  1 Mar 2008  V.46  N.5  p.752–760

Loren G. Miller1,2,3 and Binh An Diep4

1Division of Infectious Diseases, 2Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute, and 3David Geffen School of Medicine, Harbor–University of California–Los Angeles, Torrance, and 4Division of Infectious Diseases, Department of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco


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Prognostic Value of Serial C-Reactive Protein Measurements in Left-Sided Native Valve Endocarditis

Archives of Internal Medicine  11 Feb 2008  V.168  N.3  p.302-307

Dominique W. M. Verhagen, MD; Jeroen Hermanides, MD; Joke C. Korevaar, PhD; Patrick M. M. Bossuyt, MD, PhD; Renee B. A. van den Brink, MD, PhD; Peter Speelman, MD, PhD; Jan T. M. van der Meer, MD, PhD

Division of Infectious Diseases, Tropical Medicine, and AIDS, Department of Internal Medicine (Drs Verhagen, Hermanides, Speelman, and van der Meer), and Departments of Clinical Epidemiology (Drs Korevaar and Bossuyt) and Cardiology (Dr van den Brink), Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Dr Verhagen is now with the Department of Internal Medicine, Medisch Centrum Jan van Goyen, Amsterdam.


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Health Care-Associated Endocarditis Caused by Staphylococcus aureus with Reduced Susceptibility to Vancomycin

Journal of Clinical Microbiology  1 Feb 2008  V.46  N.2  p.810-813


Chia-Yu Chi,1 Tsai-Ling Lauderdale,1 Shih-Min Wang,2 Jing-Ming Wu,3 Yu-Jen Yang,4 and Ching-Chuan Liu3*

Division of Clinical Research, National Health Research Institutes, Tainan, Taiwan,1 Departments of Emergency Medicine,2 Pediatrics,3 Surgery, National Cheng Kung University and Hospital, Tainan, Taiwan4


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Glycopeptide-resistant enterococci: deciphering virulence, resistance and epidemicity

Current Opinion in Infectious Diseases Aug.2007  V.20  N.4  p.384-390

Willems, Rob JL; Bonten, Marc JM


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